In order to produce high volume and prototype quantity, Avcom's manufacturing equipment is used to populate printed circuit boards (PCB) that use surface mount technology (SMT). This includes component placement, soldering machines, ovens, paste depositors and screens, and stencils. The combination of our manufacturing equipment and processes provide you with custom PCB assembly boards with quick turn around.

All of our processes adhere to IPC standards, ISO 9001-2015 and ITAR compliance.

Highlighted list of systems used for your projects

Placement Systems

  • Two Fuji CP-743E Hi-Speed Placement Machines (up to 50,000 cph EACH / 0201 capable)
  • Fuji IP-III Flexible Placement Systems (BGA capable)

WAVE Soldering

  • Two Pillarhouse Jade S-200 MKI Selective Solder Machines
  • SEHO Dual Power Wave Solder- Tin/Lead and Lead-free
  • Novastar Lead-free Wave Solder


  • Conceptronic HVC102,7 Zone Oven
  • Heller 1800 10 Zone Oven is combined with Terra Nitrogen generator 2700-TB

Quality Control

  • AOI Systems Inc. Automated Optical Inspection System
  • Mantis, Bausch & Lomb Optical Inspection
  • Trieber Aqueous in-line cleaning system
  • FocalSpot Insight 130 X-ray
  • ScienScope High Def 1080 cameras with HD Monitors


  • MPM UltraPrint 2000
  • APS Manual Screen Printers


  • Mancorp CXF-360 Radial Lead Prep Machine
  • Olamef Lead Formers
  • Conformal Coat Booth- Manual Spray Electrolube HPA
  • Pace TF700 rework
  • Machine Shop for jigs and fixtures
  • Olamef SEP 1M Depanelizer
  • Acrylic Coater HAP EHPA05L
  • Dymax UV Spot Cure System and UV Flood

Drawing on extensive experience in engineering and design for advanced electronic controls, Avcom SMT Inc. combines top quality production with service and value.